Monday, November 24, 2014

Its all about the pace, bout the pace

I will be the first person to admit, I worry A LOT about my pace. Maybe a bit much. I also feel like I need my body to feel what my ideal pace needs to be to hit certain marks - like 1:45/half marathon... But at what point is it too much concern? There are SO many benefits to slowing down and staying in a lower heart rate zone, but yet I find myself trying to push my pace all the time.

Many elite runners talk about how much slower they run during training and the benefits to that, yet it is really challenging to slow down. I find myself having to actually stop running to slow my pace (short term memory I guess, to forget how "fast" I was going).

Here is a great article on Pace and HR training... Even with advanced technology its no easy task.\

And to leave you with some humor - Enjoy this!(The simulator kit especially)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Heads Up, Part 2!

Since one of my most popular posts was "Heads Up!", I figured I would follow that up with a part 2! The last iteration was about which side of the street to run on and why (SAFETY). While that is still  very important, lighting is equally important, so is ID.

With the days being much shorter, you are more than likely to be running in the dark, or at least not as well lit times of the day. For me that usually means the majority of my routine runs are done well before the sun comes up (as long as I get out of bed). While I do not see many cars out when I run, there are enough out and there are still enough distracted drivers out at that hour. It is somewhat scary to think that a routine run could turn tragic or cause severe injury, but its possible. Usually the thing that can speed up care for a patient is proper identification, more on that in a minute.  So how do you stay well lit?

For me - I run with a lighted LED armband and shoe strobe, and recently bought some gloves with LED lights built in.
I am not going to sell you products, but these are really great - all from Nathan Sports

I know many of us think, it won't ever happen to me, but even running in a great park in the dark, I feel better that other people can see me, let alone cars.

Now for ID... I read a Facebook post from RoadID last week, a letter from a wife, whose husband had left to go for his ride, crashed into a tree and because the paramedics called her - based on the RoadID, she was able to see her husband before he passed away. Literally within minutes! While I never anticipate being in that situation, and while its terribly tragic, can you imagine had he not been wearing ID? It's a very scary thought but there are very simple solutions. A shoe tag or bracelet or insert in your armband, waistband, etc, can easily help. I like RoadID because its right there and if they are checking for a pulse, they are sure to see my ID band!

So please runners, riders, drivers, just be smart and be safe!

Happy Running,

Monday, November 10, 2014

Bring on the Winter training!

So today will be unseasonably warm... how did I celebrate? I slept in, past my alarm... Actually I forgot to set my alarm, from taking a week or so off... So today's run will happen tomorrow.  I really don't mind running in the winter or cold temps. As long as there is no snow or ice, then its really not as bad as people make it out to be. Sure, its tough to get all the stuff on that you need and get out the door, but its no worse than jumping into a cold pool! You adapt and get used to it. Ice and snow, that is a different ball game though - mainly because its dangerous!

Winter is such a good time to strength and cross train though too. So even if it does become a bad winter, weights, elliptical, plyometrics, etc, will all be options. Fortunately, my first race next year is a half, one that I have completed before, so event if I don't get to my long runs till late February or early March, I won't be too concerned. Granted, I will be pushing my distance as much as I can in the meantime, since I have not ran over 6 miles in months!

I am excite to see what a 100+ mile month feels like as my training will pick up and will gain plenty of distance! But that's jumping ahead...


Monday, November 3, 2014

Going from half to full....

I know... I said that I did not want to do a full marathon. Well, that has changed. After completing a few half marathons, I have decided I need a new goal for distance. I still have goals for my half time, but a big part of the half for me was completing it. Now that I know I am plenty capable, I want to push harder.

After seeing many friends complete a full and becoming more "into" running, a full seems like the natural progression. Now, I will say it may be a 1 and done thing, it may be just for the sake of saying I did it... but like the half, I am going to go out and give it my all. I have about a year to train, and ideally, I will have checked off a few goals before the full would get here. Either way, the journey of pushing my limits is always fun and you learn so much about yourself along the way!

So here's to the journey to come. A HUGE thanks in advance to my wife and kids for understanding and tolerating my crazy obsession! There is no thanks big enough for them to put up with the long training runs and hours on the road! Love you all!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Hitting reset...

Well... STL Rock N  Roll came and went, I opted not to run. It was a little disappointing, but seeing/reading/hearing about so many people that did run was nice!

So now what? I won't lie, I have been a little less than motivated as of late. I think my body is/was due for a little break. With the winter months coming and less than predictable weather, It will definitely be time to hit the cross training. I will still keep up with my running, probably down to 3 days per week, but the runs will also allow a break from pushing so hard on running that my body is exhausted. Nutrition will also come into focus, especially since our kitchen is nearing completion!

Its also a good time to set my goals for next year. I know I will run in our local Frostbite festival, especially because my son wants to run the 2 miler with me! I am kinda excited about that, since he did the 9/11 Heroes Run and was so proud of his effort, which he should be! As of now, I will do the Fight for Air Climb in February, run the Lincoln Presidential Half in April, Maybe Chicago Rock N Roll half in July again(?),  State Fair 2 Miler, Abe's Amble, and St. Louis Rock N Roll half... maybe full... I have the bug to do a full, just not sure next year is the year!

In the meantime, I know where to focus, not only to meet those goals, but also to get better and better each time. I am also starting a 6 week fitness challenge group, in early November. If you're interested, get in touch with me and we can discuss the requirements to join! 

Happy Running,

Friday, October 3, 2014

Forgoing an attempt... part 2

So last week (or maybe the week before), I decided I was not running the STL RnR half... Well this week I got my "final information" email regarding all the normal stuff. Well, upon confirming my entry, I found out I was in corral 3! Corral 3! I was in corral 9 last year! Hell, I was in corral 7 this summer!

Ugh! Now I almost feel like I have to run because of that placement! I don't know what corral 3 would transpire to as far as overall time for me, with my lack of long runs, but part of me thinks its worth giving it a shot!

What to do, what to do! If packet pickup was available the morning of the race, I would totally drive down and see what happens...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Forgoing an attempt...

Well, as I was working away in our kitchen - demolition that is - I knew I had to get a long run in. That long run never came. I was okay with it though, as I knew the work in my house needed done. But that long run was also needed to be anywhere near prepared for the St. Louis Rock N Roll Half marathon in October.

My body has been EXHAUSTED lately. Not mentally exhausted, just beat. I have had a few runs since our move, but we are living in such disarray right now with remodels going on that I cannot get a good routine. After suffering a nagging injury early this year and then pushing to get back for the Presidential half, then Chicago, and then Abe's Amble, I found myself becoming run down (no pun intended)!

Now with the move and remodel, I have not had any routine at all in getting my long runs in. I was at first determined to get them in and be ready for STL, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I could be risking another winter with injury! So rather than risk that, I figured deferring until next year was the better option. I will still focus and prepare for the next run - whatever that is - but I also won't hurt those chances by running ill -prepared... I will break 1:45 for my half time. Plus there is that 26.2 distance that will probably happen - someday, sometime - just don't know when.

On a side note, the first ever 9/11 Heroes Run in Springfield was held on 9/7. We had almost 250 runners! I cannot say how incredibly proud I am to have been a part of it and see so many people come out and help us honor the fallen. The comments, the support, everything has been overwhelming and I learned so much along the way! It was truly and incredible experience and I look forward to next year (already).