Thursday, October 1, 2015


I love October running! Its not cold enough (yet, usually) for the heavier jackets and tights, but not so warm you are drenched in sweat 5 minutes in! Coming back slowly off of injury, its going to be a good month for me to ramp things up! I cannot wait!

Being in the middle of 21 Day Fix Extreme, my mileage has been steady, but not high mileage at all. The workouts for the program have really pushed my muscles in more ways than I thought! I am sore all the time, but its good to know I am working new muscles and also muscles that will help with running. Its just not fun when your running day lines up with or the day after lower fix extreme! Holy hamstring burn! If you are interested in round 2, let me know! I will update my progress for the first 21 days a little later.

It was a sad email to get reminding me of 10 days to go until Chicago. I wish I had not been injured and not been forced to defer my entry, but that's life. I did however go ahead and get signed up for the Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon a Disney World in April. I will be running it and the 5k. My entire family will be doing the 5k, so that's a pretty big event for us! The kids know nothing about it yet, so they will be really excited once we let them know...

As far as my 2015 in 2015 challenge, I have succumbed to the fact I will not get to 2015, nor the reset goal of half. I have however stuck with my team and tried to contribute through the injuries. My team however has ROCKED! We are roughly 150 miles from being done! That's right, about 150 miles to go and as a team we will have covered 2015 miles this year, with time to spare! Kathy and Jeni, you ladies rock! I am happy to be a part of this team! We will figure out a way to celebrate once we hit that milestone!

Stay tuned.

Happy Running.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Why! And the Runner in the Park

As I am reading this book, Start with Why, it has enlightened me to many different things. It has really been an eye opener as to why we do what we do! When was the last time you actually asked yourself why you have the job you have or have you stuck with the what? I want to help people; I want to make their care better in our hospitals and health systems. At times, that’s really difficult to accomplish and it would be easy to throw in the towel and accept the bureaucracy that exists. Instead though, I know patients deserve better. They deserve the best treatment possible, regardless of any outside factors. It takes coming back to why to really help figure that out at times. Frustrating? You bet! But it is meaningful for those involved.

When I think about running, my why is comes across as completely self-centered. I run for me, for my sanity, my exercise. Sure, I also run to get healthy and live longer, but that really relates to my health and being there for my family. I also love to compete, even if it is with just me! Have you stopped and asked why you run? I am also super excited about starting 21 day fix, because it’s a means to help improve my Why and improve my body as a runner. I have a ways to go, but I am committed to making the most of it and continue to challenge and push myself.  Why aren’t you? What holds you back? Fear?

Speaking of fear, I came across 3 people running in the park. There were 2 who were slender and 1 who was not. When I approached, still a ways back, the largest of the individuals stopped and turned and looked at me and had that look of horror that I saw them running. I nodded and kept going, maybe waved actually, either way, I acknowledged their effort. As I went past and looked back I saw them start up again. When I came back around, we crossed paths and this time I was heading towards them. Again, as soon as I was close enough, they stopped, as if to let me pass and then kept going. I thought about this a lot after it happened and hoped they were not stopping on my behalf or not stopping because the 1 did not want me to see them running. I truly hope that was not it. If anything, I applaud the effort and applaud the peers who were with this person on getting them up and out and moving. Running is not easy. Running before 530am is not easy. But the commitment from friend to friend is! Also, I think it’s a safe bet to say the running community is one of the most accepting communities I have ever known. Sure you have your speed demons and elites, but the true elites are some of the most humble people around. Why do you think Meb is so popular?  Either way, I hope this person knows they have nothing to be embarrassed about, just because I was moving a little faster than them! It bothers me when I hear people talk about “real” runners.  I doubt those runners will see this, but if they do, then great, know that I am on your team. (I did see them again a few days later and they added 1 to the group!).

Its always a good reminder to be kind, wave, nod, say hi! It won’t throw your run off or make you break stride, I promise!  Besides, you don’t know who might be going through worse or just need that little bit of encouragement to get moving forward, faster!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

21 Days!

You all know I love running! Maybe you don’t know that the running part comes somewhat easy to me. The hard part for me is the diet. When I started running in November of 2013, I was about 60 pounds over where I wanted to be. I ran and magically dropped 20 pounds. Fast forward to now, I have still ONLY dropped 20 pounds. I have had some great success with various exercise and training programs, but I rarely have stuck to a diet for long enough to make it work.  One program I loved and had some really great results with was Les Mills Pump paired with Shakeology. I saw another 10-15 pounds come off and really saw the inches fall off. I felt better, my running was better and it helped overcome an injury. I found myself injured again this summer and really decided that in order to be the runner I want to be (no, I am not out to set world records – I am out to be better than I was the previous day or race!), I needed to make a change in the food program.

Along comes 21 Day Fix. I have plenty of friends who have done it and seen amazing results. I know the results from Les Mills Pump that I saw and felt and know these results will be there for me as well.

So here is your chance to join me in this Challenge group. This program combines simple eating with some great workout routines. Workouts are 30 minutes, eating is easily defined by the containers in the program and the results are what you make them!

Sound interesting? Want more info? Message me and we can talk and hopefully you will join me!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Defer, Part 2

Well there it is, my "Official" deferral. Still not thrilled to be missing my first marathon. I was mentally over the self doubt months ago and was ready to push for longer runs and better times. But, my body had different plans. Such is life, we pick up and move on. So while I am less than thrilled, this has given me plenty of pause.
The real issue came down to what I wanted out of the race. I know damn well I could have still completed it. But I also know how competitive I am with myself and my goals. I did not want to "just finish". I know that probably offends a ton of people and a marathon is a paramount task. But knowing my nature of what I want, I had goals in my mind. Is there a chance I missed those goals anyways? You bet! But if I had just gone through the motions, I would not have felt the push to do more. I would have kept going with the notion "as long as you finish", which is just not how I run! Was I going out and qualifying for Boston? No. Was I going out and giving it all I had and pushing my body and mind past my comfort zone? Yes. So now I can re-focus on those goals. I know I have some weight to lose that will ultimately help me become a better runner and overall a healthier person, so that's where my energy will be focused.

Running is a huge part of my "me" time and it will always be my go-to exercise. But this also give me the chance to look and see what specific adjustments I need to make, not only with running, but with my diet and cross training. Your body eventually begins to adjust to that one repetitive exercise and giving it a shake up, is needed.

After also just having a birthday, its a nice chance to make some commitments to myself for the coming year. So here's to another year and moving forward.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Dreaded D Word...

DEFER. Not the word I want to use or say, but this is the reality and a good decision. I am just not happy about it.

As the injury to my lower leg did not get any better (and not necessarily any worse) , the fact I might have to defer entered my mind, but I kept putting it off. I figured, if I didn't think about it, I will be able to get there, some way, some how.

As I went to a follow up doctors appointment, I looked at the schedule I had for my training runs and the weeks behind I was with my plan. Reality set in and I took a lot of time to think about it, but came the best solution possible. I am still not happy about it, but I am "okay" with it. I really felt I could do the marathon, I could show up, force my body into not thinking about my leg, walk if I needed to, stop, take breaks, etc. But I also would not be happy about that, that' not who I am. When I look back at past races, the ones where I pushed as hard as I could, kept on pace, kept moving forward, even when not hitting my goal - I was okay, because I gave it my all. I don't think I would be okay with this result. It's one thing to get injured or hurt mid-race and finish and be happy you made it. I think its borderline stupidity to go in hurt and expect to do well, or at least what I have in my head!

Long term, this decision allows me to fully heal (not mostly heal) and then come back stronger. I know I have a lot of things I can work on and get better at, that are not running, but will impact my running. I look at this as an opportunity to get better overall, and then apply that work to my times and distances once I am free of pain and healed properly. So while I can be unhappy about it, it is nice to have a new focus.

The other thing this allows me to do is focus on the other side or racing - being a race director. If you have never had the opportunity to be a race director, it is so rewarding! Sure, its a lot of work! A ton of work even! But I have a team who has helped and moved things forward to make the event amazing! I would encourage you to volunteer to direct a race or help out. The running community is one of the most supportive communities you will ever find!

Enjoy your run!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Crossed 1500!

No, not me! I managed a measly 34 miles in July! And I'm not happy about it! But my team crossed the 1500 mile mark on our 2015 in 2015 journey! 

So if you see any of my team - Jeni or Kathy - give them a high five for carrying the load!

Monday, August 3, 2015


Well, I've been dealing with "discomfort" for quite some time now... Probably back to mid May. Actually, my 5K PR was while injured. It didn't hurt that bad back then, but it wasn't normal, that's for sure.

Well, it hasn't gotten better. I've managed and dealt and had better weeks after periods of rest, but last week it was to the point of total discomfort. Coincidentally there is a new Rapid Recovery clinic in town and I'll see what they say Friday! But I am accepting the fact I am injured! It's incredibly frustrating to be hurt. I've done this before, but before it was at least as much of the "off season" as could be; this time it's dead center of marathon training! (Ugh!) That part concerns me, but I am not deferring at this point in time!

My mileage for the 2015 in 2015 has also suffered, obviously! Thankfully I have a great team who is still getting their miles in! So big shout out to them! I will update our team mileage soon! But we are easily a couple hundred miles ahead of pace!

Happy Running!